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स्वामी चिन्मयानन्द

प्रकाशक : सेन्ट्रल चिन्मय मिशन ट्रस्ट प्रकाशित वर्ष : 2002
पृष्ठ :40
मुखपृष्ठ : पेपरबैक
पुस्तक क्रमांक : 15360
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It was in 1990 that we had a Spiritual Camp for 7-8 days in Singapore, conducted by Shree Swami Chinmayananda. He held 'meditation sessions' every day at 6am for half an hour, just before morning tea. Often they ran to 40-45 minutes.

Swamiji talked to make us understand what Contemplation is and what exactly the seeker is trying to get at during these daily morning efforts. To me it was all new and even strange. But, as he, with dramatic rhythm, steadily revealed the WAY and the GOAL, we all got into its swing and lived a strangely fascinating Joyous state of incomparable beauty and peace. The glow of it lived in us all through the day, and each day it was replenished by the morning session. None of us missed even a single day.

It is truly a Subiective Science. I realized that mere notes or even audio-tape listening can only cheat us of this voiceless Joy-State. I started practising it daily, even after the camp. I assure you, there is an enchanting world of experience we all miss in the hub-bub of noisy life of light and music, eating and drinking.

I felt I must share Swamiji's programmed exercises with my friends and thus came this report. We have formed a group after the 'Camp' to continue our study-discussions and contemplation. We meet regularly twice a week. Jyoti Kundalia from our study group helped me with this report. I am not a writer, or a learned author. Don't misunderstand. This was shown to Shree Swamiji and he went through it with his disciplined pen and encouraged me to get it printed
Here it is. If this helps you as it helped us, we shall all feel fully rewarded.

Nirmala Bharwani
Geeta Study Group of Chinmaya Mission
May 20. 1991

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