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प्रकाशक : इंडिया बुक हाउस प्रकाशित वर्ष : 2009
पृष्ठ :150
मुखपृष्ठ : सजिल्द
पुस्तक क्रमांक : 7769
आईएसबीएन :81-8482-322-3

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Jain Stories

Jain Stories - by Anant Pai

Vidyutprabha’s unselfishness is rewarded when the king marries her. But her happiness makes her step-mother very jealous.
Sent by the king destroy a band of thugs, strange adventures befall the valiant Agad Datta.

Sahsramalla the thief has outwitted everyone in the kingdom, from a petty trader to the king. And them he meets the holy monk, Vasuddo. These, and other stories in this collection, are taken from ancient sources – the Vasudeva Hindee, the Vardhamana-Desana and the Vaddaradhane. They were written by join monks, and there is a moral core the funniest of incidents and the wildest of adventures.

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