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स्टोरीज अबाउट फ्रीडम फाइटर्स

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प्रकाशक : इंडिया बुक हाउस प्रकाशित वर्ष : 2010
पृष्ठ :150
मुखपृष्ठ : सजिल्द
पुस्तक क्रमांक : 7760
आईएसबीएन :81-8482-345-2

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Stories About Freedom Fighters

Stories About Freedom Fighters - by Anant Pai

To belong to a nation, free and unshackled, was the dream of every Indian during the British rule. The visionaries who helped translate this dream into reality individuals who dared to put their thought into words and actions.

Rabindranath Tagore, who through his writings urged Indians to Strive for a free nation ‘where the mind is without fear and the head is held high’. Mahatma Gandhi – Father of the nation - whose non-violent struggle redefined the meaning of protest.

Jayaprakash Narayan, who championed the cause of the oppressed even after independence.
Babasaheb Ambedkar, who was the key person to frame the Constitution of India.

Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of free India, whose early days motivated him to join the freedom movement.

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