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Portrait of Mira

सूषम बेदी

मूल्य: $ 16.95

In her second novel, Portrait of Mira, Susham Bedi returns to the theme of her first novel, The Fire Sacrifice.   आगे...

The Fire Sacrifice

सूषम बेदी

मूल्य: $ 14.95

Susham Bedi’s first novel, The Fire Sacrifice, is in the tradition of social realism in Hindi fiction that began with Premchand   आगे...


मन्नू भंडारी

मूल्य: $ 14.95

English translation of ‘Bunty’ originally written in Hindi by Mannu Bhandari   आगे...


मृदुला गर्ग

मूल्य: $ 9.95

The novel is too successful as a whole, too intricate and subtle to be segmented in any way.   आगे...

माई डेज़ (english)

आर. के. नारायण

मूल्य: $ 11.95

An autobiography   आगे...

द बेचलर ऑफ आर्टस् (english)

आर. के. नारायण

मूल्य: $ 5.95

A Story by R. K. Narayan   आगे...

इन द वंडरलैंड ऑफ नम्बर्स

शकुन्तला देवी

मूल्य: $ 4.95

A fascinating journey into the magical and exciting world of maths....   आगे...

माई कंट्री माई लाइफ (english)

लालकृष्ण आडवाणी

मूल्य: $ 39.95

As an immigrant who was forced to abandon his beloved Sindh, which became a part of Pakistan after India, was partitioned in 1947 on the basis of the communally inspired ‘‘Two Nation’’ theory, Advani gives a poignant first-person account of that tragedy.   आगे...

इण्डिया ऑफ माई ड्रीम्स (english)

महात्मा गाँधी

मूल्य: $ 17.95

This book offers a fascinating peep into the mind and ideas of Gandhi and his dream for a vibrant and prosperous modern India.   आगे...

A Suitable Boy

विक्रम सेठ

मूल्य: $ 29.95

A Suitable Boy   आगे...


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